In late 1996, I created a Spanish webpage to help people learn basic Spanish. The webpage contained audio files for simple words and a few phrases. It was hosted on AOL servers for over 10 years at this URL: Unfortunately, AOL decided to pull the plug on the service in October 2008. A large part of the reason to create this website was to host these files again. Below is the link to the latest version of the basic Spanish webpage.

Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation


I have an innate drive to be technically competent in activities that interest me. Competence requires constant learning. I prefer to use books as my main source of acquiring knowledge. I, also, use magazine articles, wikipedia articles, google and youtube for research.


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About Me

I have over 20 years of software development and operations experience with an intense drive to get things done right, with a goal of achieving a high standard of quality. I believe in getting things done correctly in accordance with established standards and recognized methods.


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